Kick start your day with a good breakfast

Well, we had a Crumbs bakeshop in this building, but as of today…wiped away. According to an article in Business Insider on June 5, 2014,

“We need additional capital to fund future cash flow requirements, and we may not be able to obtain such funds on acceptable terms. Raising additional funds by issuing securities or through lending or licensing arrangements may cause dilution to [Crumbs’] existing security holders, restrict our operations or require us to relinquish proprietary rights. Management believes that our cash flow requirements will likely consume our existing capital resources and cash from anticipated sales unless we are able to raise additional funds prior to June 30, 2014.”

Does this make David Saks’ new book on food trends more or less credible?


I did enjoy what I read, his take on artisan cupcakes and bacon, heirloom rice, and more. Maybe if Crumbs had piled bacon on the frosting, they’d have brought in enough stay in business. A lost opportunity?

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Mother Nature Does It Best

How can you improve on this?

from NaturRipe in Martinez, Georgia

from NaturRipe in Martinez, Georgia

Mysterious sprung up outside my apartment building, NYC July 2014

Mysteriously sprung up outside my apartment building, NYC July 2014

Craftspeople, fashion designers, and food scientists try to improve on nature, but its colors, shapes, delicacy (and in the case of this gladiola, its courage!), and flavor are irreplaceable.



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How to win friends and influence people

Two of yesterday morning’s muffins came with me to the office for two colleagues who go so far out of their way to make my life easier. Thank you, Dale Carnegie, for teaching us this “fundamental technique in handling people:

  1. Give honest and sincere appreciation.”
That's a guy who looks like he'd appreciate a good muffin!

That’s a guy who looks like he’d appreciate a good muffin!

I know! Why don’t I suggest Muffin Monday at my company because, God knows, we could use some love (and we ain’t gonna get it from the bosses). We’ll all be assigned one Monday throughout the summer to bake and bring a dozen muffins: baker’s choice (gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, heavy on the fruit, dense with seeds… the possibilities are endless). Wouldn’t that make coming in after the weekend a little more appealing? And get people in on time… first come, first served!

I’ll let you know how this goes over. Our intranet has enough about World Cup hotties on it for now.

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Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching


That quote is by a man named William W. Purkey (imagine how much Mr. Purkey must’ve been teased at school, particularly around Thanksgiving).  Sandra Bullock brought the same thought to the graduating seniors of New Orleans’ Easton High School when she told them one of the things she’s teaching her son is to turn up the music really loud and dance before you leave the house–it changes the way you walk.

So this morning, I’m switching to my favorite classic rock station (from my favorite classical station) before I hit the NYC sidewalk to go to work: whether it’s “Born to Run” or “L.A. Woman,” I’ll be striding out the door with a whole different swing.

Good morning!

Good morning!


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Saturday Morning Homework


Who has time for breakfast when today’s work load requires weekend input?

What happened to Saturday mornings when parents could attend their kids’ Little League games, when the family made a trip to the local library or DVD store, when kids went off to a birthday party and their untethered parents could have a leisurely Bloody Mary with friends?

Now, on our days off, we’re tied to our smart phones, spreadsheets spread out on the dining room table, doing what couldn’t possibly have been fit into the 40 hours we spent at the office.



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A Toast

I occasionally read The New York Post in the morning. What a screwed-up paper that is! On one page, they’ll be excoriating Obama for everything and ranting that liberal America is not hewing to the religion of our forefathers; on the other, they’ll revel in the dirtiest details of Eliot Spitzer’s love life. Still, there are usually one or two items that are worth reading. Yesterday morning, it was the sweet story of Stephanie Smith who vowed to make her boyfriend Eric Schulte 300 sandwiches. He vowed, if she did, to ask her to marry him. She got her ring at #257.


What to do but mark this festive occasion with a breakfast sandwich!

Mayonnaise on whole wheat toast, fresh plum tomato, hard-boiled egg, sea salt, and pepper

Mayonnaise on whole wheat toast, fresh plum tomato, hard-boiled egg, sea salt, and pepper

The real reason this story resonates? May 21 is our 26th wedding anniversary. The time has flown; the love and support have not.




Save the chickens!

If Sylvia Saye wants to keep chickens so her daughter Scarlett can enjoy their hormone-free eggs, I say change the rules! Let the Sayes and their black copper marrons and silkies be pioneers in Forest Hills Gardens which, since 1913, has not allowed its residents to keep poultry. Phooey! Learn more here and let’s bombard Mitchell Cohen, the president of the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation, with support for chickenkeeping in Queens. I have the perfect card, an image from Storey Books’ adorable illustrated book, Farm Anatomy. I will write to him at 2 Tennis Pl, NY 11375 right now. Hormone-free, cage-free eggs for all!


Sylvia gave away her rooster to keep peace in her neighborhood–she’s no radical!



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Morning Walk–East River

When I worked on the west side, I strolled through Central Park every weekday morning, watching the trees come into leaf and leaves turn into fall’s flotsam and jetsam and all of that get buried by snow.


Now I work on the east side and the way is considerably less bucolic…except when I go, as I did today, from 71st Street down through Sutton Place South.


On my left is the East River (we’ll ignore the roaring FDR Drive to my right). Ahead of me is the 59th Street Bridge. On a too-long-in-coming spring morning, I was definitely feelin’ groovy.


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Girl Scout Cookies for Breakfast!

For someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, why do I get so excited when my Girl Scout cookies arrive? They’re my madeleines, one bite and my childhood is there again for me in all its happy, busy, suburban, 1960s, Technicolor glory.

Weston, Connecticut

Brownies in Weston, Connecticut

I’m in the second row, third from the left, looking rather somber. That’s my neighbor and friend Sally Rogers (in whose living room I learned to do the pony) next to me. I’m actually connected today to Dale Coykendall (top row, upper right) via LinkedIn. Amazing how the Internet brings old friends together.


Back to breakfast: I got my delivery of Samoas and Do-si-dos yesterday and thought, “Yes! Throwback Thursday Yogurt Parfait!” Vanilla yogurt, fruit from my freezer (strawberries, blueberries, and peaches), and cookie crumbs on top.

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Another Early Bird

Let’s talk turkey. ..


…sausage, that is. I was going to extol turkey meat’s health benefits until I realized the sausage, while it does deliver plenty of protein, calcium, and iron, is also packed with sodium and filled with fat. And that’s what makes it taste so good!


What makes life worth living, I ask you? If you can’t indulge now and then in a simple scrambled egg with turkey sausage on buttered whole-wheat toast, you might as well write love letters to Edward Snowden and beg to join him in his exile. I, for one, intend to alternate my fresh-fruits-and-veggie breakfasts with the extravagant ones and enjoy freedom of choice in these United States! Which brings to mind a hilarious ad in the 1980s for Wendy’s about a Soviet fashion show. Enjoy!

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